1st W.I.F.E. meeting was a success!!!!


The main thing for something to be a success is for you to do one thing…. START IT! We started a new year and we are destined for this new year to be one of the greatest financially!

During our meeting we were able to go over all the rules and objectives for the group. We shared some of our concerns for the group as well as ideas to improve the group. We delved deeper and started discussing our personal money and credit issues we are working on fixing. During the personal issues topic, we were able to share information about what the next person can do to start fixing their credit errors as well as bring up very good questions such as “does chexsystems keep your negative account on their list even after you paid it or will they remove it?” These are topics we can all work on researching for the next meeting to come to the answer and work on correcting it if any of us are in chexsystems.

Until next time ladies…… A Man is not a financial plan!!!!!!